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Machine Refurbish Makes Good Cents

The timing is right for 7822DTs, 8040DTs, and even some sonic rigs to come in for a refurb or repairs, especially if you continue to run one of the older 60 Series machines that remains a beast in the field. “Most of the current machines were introduced in 2008-2010,” Darren Stanley, Geoprobe® Service Manager said, “so many of them are in need of repairs or a check-up.” 

Why Refurb Chart

In addition to making your machine look great again (your clients will know when you arrive on site your fleet and field team are bringing their best), a refurb is a great time to improve the performance of your machine and add new options or features that weren’t available when the machine was released (such as cooling updates, high pressure filters, hydraulic tank cleanout panels, plus numerous others). It’s also a great time to add a drop hammer, pumps, and winch systems. You tell us what you want; we’ll do the work.

Many Geoprobe® owners are taking advantage of the refurb program. Call our Geoprobe® Service Team at 1-785-825-1842 to find out more.

And don’t forget about our quick-to-watch Maintenance Minutes videos for day-to-day simple maintenance and service.

  • 6610DT - Before
  • 6610DT - After
  • 7822DT - Before
  • 7822DT - After

Probing Times Fall 2016

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