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3230DT Helps Expand Services for Active Environmental Technologies

Active Environmental

Nick Kolenda (left) and Tom Hartwell, Drillers for Active Environmental Technologies, use a 3230DT to install 2-inch monitoring wells in a residential area. Monitoring wells were installed to determine potential groundwater impact.

Contributed by Keith Gerber, Drilling Division Manager, Active Environmental Technologies, Mount Holly, NJ

Our goal at Active Environmental Technologies, Inc. was to expand the drilling division to provide a much broader range of services to our existing clients as well as expand our current drilling capabilities. At the time, Active owned a Geoprobe® 7822DT as well as a 54DT, so we knew we wanted to stay with the Geoprobe® brand based on the quality and versatility of the equipment and tooling, as well as excellent Geoprobe® customer service.  

After several months of research, we narrowed our decision to the 3230DT.  As a growing division, we saw the value that the 3230DT offered which would allow us to meet our goals of expanding and adding drilling services that we couldn’t offer in the past and increase our customer base.

Of the many rig features that appealed to us, the key feature was the diversity offered in this single machine. The ability to direct push, spin hollow stem augers, perform air rotary, mud drilling, geotechnical borings as well as rock coring, all with one machine ... quickly ... got our attention. With the user-friendly platform, the 3230DT has the ability to change from one task to another in a matter of minutes to perform multiple tasks without mobilizing multiple rigs.  All of these options are available on the 3230DT platform which can fit in to just about any location. 


Nick Kolenda (left) and Doug Turner use 4.5 in. casing and DT37 for soil core collection at a industrial equipment facility.

In this industry, initial plans for site investigation work do not always end up the way they were originally anticipated, but now we have the ability to change on the fly to obtain the data required by our clients without remobilizing to the site with additional equipment.

Since the 3230DT arrived, we have installed 2-in. wells via direct pushing a closed point using 6-in. dual tube casing, unique to Geoprobe® tooling.  This allows for a more efficient installation of 2-in. wells as well as eliminating soil cuttings and the additional costs associated with drum disposal.  Active has also installed monitoring wells and injection points utilizing hollow stem augers, ranging from 4.25 inches to 8.25 inches, 50-foot-deep air rotary rock wells, geotechnical borings, rock coring, and of course, deep dual tube soil sampling with 2.25- to 6-in. dual tube sampling equipment. The 32230DT has increased our efficiency, as well as offered a cost savings to our clients by being able to perform multiple drilling tasks with one mobilization.

Other projects have included a multi-day geotechnical/rock coring project in an urban area where traffic control and the work area was limited, and a multi-day aquifer testing project located in a large, mountainous, wooded area accessible only via old logging roads utilizing casing advancement tooling specific for unconsolidated subsurface soils. Projects like this are why we purchased this machine. As a former environmental consultant, nothing is more frustrating than being on a project and having site conditions change, which requires a remobilization of different equipment. Now, with the 3230DT, clients do not have to worry about that anymore. We have been extremely pleased with the abilities of this machine especially since we’ve been meeting our expansion goals and growing our services.