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Spring Assisted Swivel Pull Cap

Swivel Pull Cap

Today’s larger machines enable operators to handle long sections of inner rods with an overhead winch. The 2.25-in. Spring Assisted Swivel Pull Cap is designed to reduce operator fatigue when adding or removing these sections of rods to the inner tool string ... safely and easily. Above, Lee Shaw uses the Spring Assisted Swivel Pull Cap under a 3230DT during well installation. Tooling systems that benefit from this accessory include Sonic SDT45 and SDT60, and Direct Push DT45 and DT60. Geotechnical applications include driving casing with 2.25-in. center rods and split spoon sampling with 2.25-in. rods.

A passionate and light-hearted testimonial provided by Lee Shaw.

This is one of my favorite accessory tools. It’s simple and effective. This is a true impact-making, gotta-see-it-to-believe-it, must-have tool for your tool box!  I still remember the first time I experienced the freedom when using this accessory tool.

You see, I’m a creature of habit (stuck-in-a-rut/resist change kind of guy). I was the helper on a 3230DT while our engineers were conducting an exercise of performing multiple applications in a single borehole. From 0 to 40 feet, we collected 2-in. split spoon samples via hollow stem augers on 5-ft. intervals. At 40 to 50 feet, soil samples were collect via MC7 through 4.5-in. rods. Then we finished the boring to 115 feet using mud rotary.  All this was done using the 2.25-in. rods as either center rods or as casing. At one point, as I was removing and adding 20-ft. sections of the 2.25-in. rods the operator said, “Hey, try this lifting cap with an assist spring.” He must have noticed that I was struggling with threading and unthreading the center rods. But more likely he was tired of waiting on me (remember, resistant to change, keep doing it the same way even if it’s difficult, that’s me).

I’m telling you, the Spring Assisted Swivel Pull Cap made an immediate impact on my role as the helper and the overall field experience. The days of struggling to remove and add the 2.25-in. rods were over for me. Finished. Done. No more! 

We completed the remaining exercise using the Spring Assisted Swivel Pull Cap and saved time, my energy, and my hands and forearms.

By using the Spring Assisted Swivel Pull Cap, 2.25-in. center rods can now be threaded or unthreaded with minimal effort.


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