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Customers Find Success with Geoprobe® 3.75 in. Tooling

3.75 Tooling

Setting a Geoprobe® 2.0 in. Slim Prepack using 3.75-in. tooling and a 7822DT.

Geoprobe® 3.75 in. tooling was designed in conjunction with the Geoprobe® 2.0-in. Slim Prepacks to create a more efficient method of installing 2.0-in. Schedule 40 prepacked monitoring wells. The 3.75 in. rods have a 3.75 in. OD and an ID of 3.0 in. In short, it’s an optimal casing combining ease of use for 2.0-in. Slim Prepack installation, minimal borehole size to maintain reasonable penetration rates, and a robust thread design. In short, this is a durable and robust tooling system that can be driven with 60-, 70- and 80-Series Geoprobe® percussion hammers.

Just how good is it?  We’ve let our customers speak to their success with this system!

“In addition to saving our clients time and money by using 3.75-in. tooling to set 2-in. slim prepacks, with no cuttings, we’ve also saved them thousands of dollars by using the 3.75-in. tooling along with hollow stem augers to provide a double-cased well installation where large casing isn’t required. We can use the 3.75-in. tooling to get jobs done that previously would have required a large sonic or auger rig to be on site.”
Rob Mores • Owner
Enviro Dynamics  •  Hebron, IN

“We use the 3.75-in. casing on our 7822DTs every single day. We’ve been busy on geotech projects, and have sampled down to over 50 feet with it. Most of our projects involve continuous sampling down to 12 feet, and then every 5 feet after that. We just completed a project where we constructed test borings to 50 feet. When we encounter bedrock, we have enough room to run our NX core barrel out the bottom.”
Robbie Pryce • Operations Manager
Atlantic Testing Lab  •  Canton, NY

“Clients really like us being able to set the 2-in. Slim Prepacks after soil sampling without the additional expense of running hollow stem augers when we use the 3.75-in. rods. They like that time is saved in addition to the benefit of lower costs due to the reduced soil cuttings which equal less drums and less soils for disposal. We like using this system for a couple of reasons. The 3.75-in. rods are much easier to clean and decon than traditional hollow stem augers, and they are much lighter and easier to handle versus the augers. It’s a win/win for our clients and our employees in the field.”
Cory Hebert • Owner
Devonian Group  •  Lafayette, LA

“We were tasked with setting a double-cased well inside a building with space restrictions that would have made entry of traditional rigs impossible. We were able to use our Geoprobe® 7822DT to turn 6.25-in. hollow stem augers and set a 5-in. casing. We then utilized our 3.75-in. rods and DT37 expendable shoes to set a 2-in. Slim Prepacked Well Screen. The new tooling was the perfect solution for our job, and it worked flawlessly.”
Phil Palsgrove • Owner
GeoServe Inc  •  Woodstock, IL

Percussion hammer power translates into tool advancement rates. Here's one example...during informal testing in our backyard, our 7822DT could drive a 3.75-in. rod string to approximately 30 feet in 21 minutes. The 3230DT advanced the 3.75-in. rods to 30 feet in well under 6 minutes. Both had a solid drive point on the lead end.