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Running sonic weighted wireline with SDT45 tooling.

Running sonic weighted wireline with SDT45 tooling.

IFrameMoving things forward. That’s what the sonic weighted wireline tooling from Geoprobe Systems® does. Call it raising the bar. Innovation. Game changer. Or outside the box. This method of sampling moves things forward in the sonic industry.   

Day in and day out we hear from customers that there are three aspects of their day-to-day operations that require increased attention in order to be competitive and profitable. And our sonic weighted wireline tooling addresses them all!

Those aspects?  Safety. Efficiency. Profitability.

SAFETY.  It’s safer because it requires far less tool handling. Tool handling has a direct correlation to safety. The more tooling is handled the more likely an injury may occur. The weighted wireline (WWL) system eliminates the need to trip rods in and out of the cased hole. 

EFFICIENCY.  It’s more efficient because it’s faster than all other methods. When using the WWL, the sample barrel and weight assembly are tripped in and out together with only the use of the winch, so the speed and efficiency of the system becomes more and more evident the deeper you go. Geoprobe® engineers completed a time study on trip in and trip out times (right). Mike Carlin, Geoprobe® Tools Group Leader, says check the numbers regarding efficiency. “The use of the winch with WWL significantly reduces the time to trip samplers and core barrels in and out of the casing,” he said. “The numbers don’t lie!”

PROFITABILITY.  It increases profitability because it requires few parts to operate. Overall efficiency correlates nicely to profitability. So does a clean safety record. But the overall cost to tool up for and maintain a weighted wireline system is quite low compared to conventional systems such as 4x6 since it requires so few parts.

Both weighted wireline systems ... SDT45 and SDT60 (for 4.5- and 6.0-in. casing) ... are simple to use. Jed Davis, Tools Engineer, said, “During a customer training session, it only took one core run for the drill crew to understand the weighted wireline system, and just a few more runs to have it completely mastered. We didn’t hit a home run this time; we think it was a grand slam!!”

“I’m turning 58 years old and I can run our 8150LS sonic all day long! It’s easy on me. And I love that the weighted wireline system takes care of the physical aspect and safety concerns.” Robert Keyes • President Associated Environmental Industries • Norman, OK

Mike also said the weighted wireline system is not meant to replace conventional 4x6 or dual tube systems. “It has always been our recommendation that weighted wireline systems complement these other soil sampling systems,” he said. “We don’t suggest going to the field with one tool in your tool box, nor do we recommend that you limit yourself to one sampling system.” There are formations where 4x6 works great. The same can be said for dual tube systems, “But when you can incorporate a weighted wireline system into your project,” Mike added, “the benefits far outweigh any costs. You can spend all day taking the back roads to Grandma’s house, but why bother when the interstate will get you there twice as fast.”

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8150LS sonic drilling rig

8150LS Sonic Drill Rig

Increase depth advancement and recovery speeds while minimizing waste with the 8150LS sonic drilling rig engineered for driller safety, sampling speed, and operation efficiency.

Photo Gallery

Running sonic weighted wireline with SDT45 tooling.
An 8150LS Rotary Sonic, owned by Associated Environmental Industries in Norman, OK, is running SDT60 and a 6.0-in. Weighted Wireline system.
Rock core recovered using SDT60 Weighted Wireline Tooling.
High-quality soil samples in less time! This graph was created by analyzing thousands of feet of various sonic drilling data collected by Geoprobe® engineers. At deeper depths, simple math indicates how much faster the sonic dual tube weighted wireline system can be.
Modular weight assembly, with the overshot ‘spear’ visible inside the weight head prior to being lowered downhole. The modular weight assembly consists of two, 150-lb. weight segments coupled together and a threaded head and overshot spear.

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