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Geoprobe® Coring Head for Diamond Drilling.

Geoprobe® Coring Head for Diamond Drilling.

While Geoprobe® sonic machines effectively core rock, sonic does tend to induce fractures in the sample. So if the job calls for accurate measurement of RQD (Rock-Quality Designation), why not use a proven method? Diamond Coring. To that end, a new option for the Geoprobe® sonic machines is a high-speed coring head. Based on our proven coring head (used on 8040DT machines for years), the drive has a maximum speed of 800 rpm and 540 ft-lb. of torque (breakout torque: 720 ft-lb). The switchover from sonic to high-speed coring is easy, taking less than five minutes in the field. Also, the high-speed coring head incorporates a side-feed swivel, and is setup to work with our floating subs. The floating subs have 2 inches of travel simplifying make-up with the tool string. Thread options include: AWJ, NWJ, NWL, HWL, or PWL connections.  

The next time you have a job that needs quality overburden samples, casing socketed into bedrock, and a high-quality core of the bedrock, consider taking a Geoprobe® sonic rig equipped with the high-speed coring option to the field.

Coring Head Specifications

  • Max Speed: 800 rpm
  • Max Torque: 540 ft-lb
  • Breakout Torque: 720 ft-lb
  • Pull/Push: 10,000 lb

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8040DT combination drill rig with direct push and hollow stem auger drilling capabilities.

8040DT Drill Rig

Tackle tough direct push jobs or challenging lithologies with hollow stem capabilities and wide-base platform on 8040DT combination drill rig.

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