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Geoprobe® 8150LS - Drill Mast Movements

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8150LS sonic drilling rig

8150LS Sonic Drill Rig


The drill mast is maneuverable to quickly and easily line up on the hole without moving the tracks. Not only does the drill mast move fore and aft relative to the track base, it also can be shifted left to right, up and down, and run at angles up to 45 degrees off of vertical.

The GV5 sonic head includes a centerline sideshift function which moves the head to the side so you can work inside the tool string without moving the mast or re-positioning the machine. This allows the driller to easily access the casing with the dual pivoting winch mast.

An optional coring head and auto drop hammer can be mounted onto the head carrier next to the sonic head. These items can be accessed independently at any time by side shifting over the tool string.

The 8150LS is a powerful, safe, efficient, and accurate full size rotary sonic rig. This rig is designed with your success in mind.

For more information on the 8150LS rotary sonic rig, visit our website or call us at 785-825-1842.