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New options on the 3100 series machines include a third winch with 1,100 lbs of line pull and quick change hook to switch to wireline coring in seconds.

New options on the 3100 series machines include a third winch with 1,100 lbs of line pull and quick change hook to switch to wireline coring in seconds.

70% More Torque with GR6.5 High Torque Drill Head

While customers are proving the rock coring capabilities of the 4-speed rotary head on the 3126GT (see page 2), some customers have requested more bottom-end torque for their geotech jobs. True to form, Geoprobe® responded by designing the 6-speed GR6.5 high torque drill head.

"The GR6.5 has 6,800 ft-lbs of torque, which is 2,800 ft-lbs more than the GR4.1 on a typical 7822DT, without sacrificing top-end speed (720 rpm)," Ryan Kejr, machine engineer lead, said. "We also added an additional intermediate-speed range, which further enhances the unit's wet and air rotary capabilities."

The new GR6.5 high torque drill head is available on both the 3126GT and 3100GT.

Third Winch

Another new option for both 3126GT and 3100GT is a third winch. With 1,100 lbs of line pull this winch is well suited to trip additional tooling out of the hole. Equipped with the Geoprobe® exclusive quick change hook, operators can switch over to wireline coring in seconds. 

15-inch Lower Transport Height

Also new in 2021 is the folding winch mast option for the 3126GT for customers who prefer to haul their rig in an enclosed trailer or truck.

"This reduces the transport height of the 3126GT from 114 inches to 99 inches," Kejr said. "We accomplish this with a simple, mechanical ratcheting actuator. This is easily accessible from the ground when the drill mast is in transport position."

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Geoprobe® 3126GT Head Side-Shift

3126GT geotechnical drill features centerline head side shift

3126GT Geotechnical Drill Rig

Save time and effort swiftly sliding the innovative centerline head side shift into position for rotary, automatic drop hammer, event CPT or direct push. No need to move the geotechnical drill or drill mast on the compact, off road drill rig.

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