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Geoprobe® SP19 groundwater sampling techniques with top of screen larger to match the sheath

Geoprobe® SP19 groundwater sampling techniques with top of screen larger to match the sheath

Geoprobe® Screen Point (SP) Groundwater Samplers are a mainstay of contaminant site investigations and groundwater sampling techniques. This tool has become standard equipment for direct push operators since its introduction in the 1990s. The magic of the SP groundwater sampling technique is its ability to deliver a protected sampling screen to depth and then to “open” or expose that screen to the formation.

Now Geoprobe® announces the availability of the NEW SP19 Groundwater Sampler for use with the Geoprobe® 1.75 rod system.

“The 1.75-inch rod system is common among Geoprobe®  Direct Image® operators who perform MIP, HPT, and OIP logging. The rods are heavier than 1.5’s so they have a much longer life, plus they have dependable O-ring seal at the rod joints,” Tom Christy, director/engineer, said. “1.75’s are a good choice for the continuous driving of groundwater profiling, logging, or sampling”.

The SP19 sheath, as with all SP Groundwater Samplers, is built with a larger diameter, 1.875 inches (48mm), than the rod system. This larger diameter serves as a friction reducer during driving and also seals the hole as the sheath is retracted to expose the SP screen. Screen length for the SP19 (42 inch/1065mm) remains unchanged from the SP16. However the top of the screen is larger to match the SP19 sheath. SP16 drive points and accessory extension rods for holding down the screen are compatible with the SP19.

The SP19 is equipped with a Latching Sampler System Drive Head. The NEW Latching Sampler System allows the user to “latch in” (attach) a mechanically actuated pump (Mechanical Bladder Pump or Mechanical Syringe Pump) directly to the Drive Head of an installed SP19 sampler. This allows collection of high quality groundwater samples from an isolated screen in the subsurface.

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