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3100GT truck mounted drill rig for sale on F600 chassis

3100GT truck mounted drill rig for sale on F600 chassis

With 22,000 lb GVWR, enjoy creature comforts of the fuel-sipping truck mounted drill rig for sale with additional payload to haul tooling all while remaining under Class A/B CDL.

  • TORQUE: higher torque 6-speed rotary head option adds 70% more torque compared to 4-speed
  • PERCUSSION: GH63 percussion hammer
  • FLEXIBILITY: third winch option with Geoprobe® quick change hook 
  • SPEED: trim time between applications with all head functions and winches along the centerline head side shift, eliminating need to move the drill mast and keeping driller out of harms way
  • SAFE: reduce strain with hands-free auto drop hammer for SPT work and hands-free rotation and feed for rotary work
  • EASY: promote new drillers quickly with easy operation
  • POWER: create stable hydraulic flow for multiple functions simultaneously with a separate mud pump hydraulic circuit 

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3100GT Features - Control Panel

3100GT drilling truck for efficient geotech investigations without requiring a class A/B CDL

3100GT Geotechnical Drill Rig

Efficiently complete geotech investigations sliding between drilling functions all without the need for a class A/B CDL, safely bringing new drillers up the learning curve on the drilling truck.

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