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Redefining drilling for over than 30 years by producing solutions to meet or exceed clients’ needs, the most recent Geoprobe® innovations are advancing the geotechnical industry.

Drillers positioning for increased productivity and profit choose the Geoprobe® 31 series geotechnical drill rigs with innovative centerline head side shift and separate hydraulic circuit for mud pump. The end result – faster, easier, and safer drilling.

• Trim time between applications with all head functions and winches positioned over the bore hole without moving drill mast, maximizing production and rig utilization • Reduce physical strain of rotary work with hands-free rotation and feed, keeping the driller out of harm's way • Utilize simple controls, creating a gentle learning curve for the seasoned driller as well as the new hire • Mobilize power and versatility in a single rig, competing in multiple revenue streams including hollow stem augers, standard penetration testing, cone penetration testing, direct push testing, rock coring, mud rotary, air rotary, and drive and wash

Engineered for safe geotechnical drilling in a small footprint on wide tracks, the 3126GT compact geotechnical drill rig nimbly navigates off-road without sacrificing power or versatility.

Incorporating all the same drill mast features while mounted on a truck chassis, the 3100GT also provides full functionality and power for your typical geotechnical projects without the need for a class A/B CDL, aiding ability to quickly advance helpers to drillers.

Featuring the same drill mast with centerline head side shift mounted on a crawler carrier, the 3145GT includes a taller standard winch to effectively pull 20-foot tool string with attached split spoon above the breakout. Easily run on rugged off-road terrain in the comfort of an enclosed operator cabin with creature comforts of heat, AC and radio.

Industry-leading service after-the-sale includes troubleshooting from the field with live phone support from a team of service technicians backed by machine engineers. For routine maintenance or more intensive service, choose from one of our three service locations located in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Kansas.

Our objective as a drilling rig manufacturer remains steadfast: Geoprobe® pioneers and delivers innovative, cutting-edge products for technical drillers – no matter the industry, and provides top service support to keep you in the field running.

To learn more about these geotechnical drilling rigs, and all our products, visit our website at or call us at 785-825-1842.