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Storage capabilities are numerous on tooling rack designed for mud rotary jobs.

Storage capabilities are numerous on tooling rack designed for mud rotary jobs.

Municipal Testing Labs driller Dave Johnson raved about the NEW mud tub design.

“It’s so much better thanks to the 8-inch neck, three chambers, handle locations, and drain from the bottom with plugs on the side. It’s light and portable — one guy can move it,” Johnson said. “It allows us to control flow rate so cuttings drop in the first chamber versus the third and getting pulled back into the pump. This saves your pumps.”

And you can minimize your mud rotary mobilization woes with the NEW 'Super Rack.' Tote tooling for mud rotary jobs, including hollow stem augers, mud tub, water tank, etc., using your drill rig to do the heavy lifting. Streamline storing and hauling all your field supplies and have the flexibility to place tools within easy access of the front of the rig, saving time and energy when you elminate trudging around the drill rig to get your tooling.

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Mud Rotary Super Rack

3126GT geotechnical drill features centerline head side shift

3126GT Geotechnical Drill Rig

Save time and effort swiftly sliding the innovative centerline head side shift into position for rotary, automatic drop hammer, event CPT or direct push. No need to move the geotechnical drill or drill mast on the compact, off road drill rig.

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