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Open House 2021 included field demonstrations of the complete Geoprobe® lineup of rigs, including (from L to R) the NEW 6011DT, 7822DT, 3100GT, and 3126GT.

Open House 2021 included field demonstrations of the complete Geoprobe® lineup of rigs, including (from L to R) the NEW 6011DT, 7822DT, 3100GT, and 3126GT.

Greetings from our team at Geoprobe®. We hope your 2021 year is starting off strong. 

At Geoprobe® we are active. Very busy. Exceptionally blessed with so much to get done. The goal of PROBING TIMES is to give you a glimpse into the life of our customers and a view into the future.  

Recently I’ve appreciated how our collective team continues to work together to live out our company STATEMENT OF OBJECTIVES that were penned by our founders in 1987. These objectives have remained steady for more than 30 years despite many challenges that have come our way; the latest being the turmoil and related uncertainty of the COVID pandemic. It is a blessing to participate on a team that has steady objectives in an ever-changing world. Here are the nine objectives. They are not in order of importance.

  • To produce the best possible soil probing and drilling equipment.
  • To create a work environment which allows employees to grow in knowledge, capability and market value.
  • To provide top service, both for sales and repair.
  • To be an asset to our clients.
  • To be honest in all our business.
  • To be a horizontal organization.
  • To be an organization our employees are proud to work for.
  • To glorify God in all we do. Restated: To be pleasing to God in all our actions. This is His business.
  • To have an atmosphere of innovation.

So why share these objectives today? As I read these objectives they focus me and our team toward what is important. The basics of what we are about. Notice how they point our team outward; focusing on customer needs; challenging our team to do things the right way; striving for excellence. There are many things you will see in this Spring 2021 PROBING TIMES that I’m real excited about. As you read, take the time to consider how our latest offerings link with our STATEMENT OF OBJECTIVES. I think you will see the connections.  

Thanks for the opportunity to serve you. Be well.


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Salina, Kansas 67401
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Geoprobe® 6011DT Overview

Geoprobe® 6011DT Direct Push Drill Rig

6011DT Drill Rig

Featuring a proven GH63 percussion hammer and able to use 5-foot tooling, the 6011DT direct push drill rig is still being sized to slip into small spaces.

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