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A Real Game Changer: 2.0 in. Slim Prepacks and 3.75 in. Rods

With an inside diameter of 3.0 in., the 3.75 in. Probe Rods have an optimal casing combining ease of use for 2.0-in. Slim Prepack monitoring well installation, minimal borehole size to maintain reasonable penetration rates, and a robust thread design.

This combo was designed specifically for use with the 78 Series machines from Geoprobe Systems®.

According to John Martinuzzi, Geoprobe® Sales, this is “a great system that allows you to properly install 2.0 in. prepacks with your 7822DT.” Previously, the largest size prepacks you could install was 1.5 in. OD. “The 3.0 in. ID of the rods leaves enough annular space to properly grout back the well,” John added.

“I wish we would have had this system a long time ago,” reports Dana Booth, Driller for SCS Environmental Contracting in Fort Wayne, IN. “How different things would have been!”

Other customers are pleased with the new dynamic duo also. “We were tasked with setting a double-cased well inside a building with space restrictions that would have made entry of traditional rigs impossible,” explained Phil Palsgrove, Owner of GeoServe in Woodstock, IL. “We used our 7822DT and our new 3.75-in. rods to set a 2-in. slim prepack. The new tooling was the perfect solution for our job, and it worked flawlessly!”

And it’s not just about installing 2.0-in. slim prepacks! The 3.75-in. rods can also be used with the DT37 dual tube system as well as for conducting standard penetration tests (SPT). DT37 dual tube sampling is available with expendable cutting shoes, as well, so 2.0-in. slim prepack monitoring wells can be installed in conjunction with collecting continuous soil cores.

Got SPT? In this case, there’s a drive shoe and retractable point combination that keeps the casing closed off during advancement, but can be retracted at anytime so a split spoon sampler can be advanced ahead of the 3.75-in. system with the appropriate automatic drop hammer.

“Lee, this was slicker than you know what! Worked like a charm!”

Curt Luebbert • Operations Manager
SCS Environmental Contracting • Fort Wayne, IN

“Working alone, I set three wells to 18 feet in one hour using the slim prepacks and 3.75-in. tooling with my 7822DT. Today, my helper and I had the five remaining wells installed by 10 am. I wish we would have had this system a long time ago! How different things would have been!”

Dana Booth • Driller
SCS Environmental Contracting • Fort Wayne, IN

“Installing 2.0-in. prepacks with direct push methods is a game changer! We’ve not only designed the right machine ... the 7822DT ... and the right tooling ... slim prepacks and 3.75 in. tools ... we’ve got a team of All-Stars to help you win in the field as well!”

Lee Shaw • Geoprobe® Sales