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8150LS sonic drilling rig

8150LS Sonic Drill Rig


The Geoprobe® Sonic Weighted Wireline System is an innovative sampling tool designed with safety, efficiency, and profitability in mind. Developed exclusively by Geoprobe Systems®, it is a game changer for the sonic industry.

This system uses a weight instead of an inner rod string to hold the sample barrel in place at the bottom of the tool string. A wireline is used to quickly retrieve the weight and sheath for collection of five or ten foot samples. This eliminates the need to trip rods in and out of the cased hole when sampling, making it faster and more profitable than other traditional sonic sampling methods. A two-man drill crew can safely and easily run the system as it requires far less tool handling.

Each trip in and trip out with the weighted wireline system utilizes the same amount of tooling, no matter the depth. This contrasts with the thousands of pounds of tools that must be handled each interval with traditional inner rod sampling systems. With the weighted wireline, high quality five or ten foot samples can be easily extracted at greater depths.

The same outer casing is used for the weighted wireline system as the Sonic Dual Tube System. Once the dual tube system reaches a depth of 50 feet or consolidated formations are encountered, the weighted wireline system becomes very efficient for tripping out your sample. The sample barrel and weight assembly are tripped in and out together with only the use of the winch and the overshot. The deeper you go, the speed and efficiency of the system become more and more evident.

Once the weight assembly is initially put into the tool string, it’s not physically handled by the drill crew again until after the last sample has been retrieved from the borehole. During sample extraction at ground surface, the weight assembly is easily handled by the rod handler and never by the driller or helper.

The process for setup is simple and is repeated for each sample interval.

In a typical application, sampling is performed to 50 feet using the Sonic Dual Tube system. Once this depth is reached, all internal rods are removed, leaving the outer casing for the Weighted Wireline System. To begin using the Sonic Weighted Wireline system, an assembled sample sheath is clamped into the breakout. The weight assembly is brought in by the rod handler and is then connected to the top of the sheath. The two assemblies are lowered and clamped into the breakout. This entire assembly is then released by the breakout and allowed to drop to the bottom of the casing.

A new section of casing is added at the top of the tool string and the entire tool string is advanced to fill the sample sheath. The weight assembly holds the sample sheath in place as the casing is advanced, which greatly minimizes the amount of tools for trip-in and trip-out.

To retrieve the sample, the overshot is lowered by wireline until it connects to the top of the weight assembly. The overshot, weight assembly, and filled sample sheath are then quickly pulled to the surface. The breakout clamps to the weightv and sheath assemblies as the overshot is released.

Using the breakout and rod handler, the weight is then removed from the sheath. The sheath assembly is then retrieved from the casing. A high quality sample is collected into soil core bags without physically lifting the tools as the rig does most of the work. This process is repeated for each sampling interval.

The weighted wireline system can be run with four and a half inch and six inch casing. It is an ideal application for the Geoprobe® 8140LS, 8150LS and 8250LS rigs. This system is so quick, a sample from 250 feet could have been tripped out in the time it took to watch this video.

The Geoprobe® exclusive Weighted Wireline System is an innovative sampling tool designed with efficiency, safety, and profitability in mind. It raises the bar for sonic sampling.

For more information on the Sonic Weighted Wireline System, visit our website or call us at 785-825-1842.