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Increase Sampling Efficiency with NEW DT22 Detent Drive Head

DT22 Set Screw Drive Head (left) and new DT22 Detent Drive Head (right)

DT22 Set Screw Drive Head (left) and new DT22 Detent Drive Head (right)

Loose soils. Medium dense soils. No matter the soil type, the NEW DT22 Detent Drive Head has solved the challenge of damaged or stranded liners while also reducing fumbling in the field. Watch how a simple push of the button is all that is required to remove the detent drive head, saving time and frustration – for you and your clients.IFrame

When using DT22, the Riley Group in Bothell, Washington, experienced failures in the upper part of the liner regardless of soil type. This generally resulted in the sample liner being stranded in the downhole drill rods. For them, DT22 sampling was 50% at best. They tried using “old” liners, new liners and different drilling techniques. And then they tried the NEW DT22 Detent Drive Head.

“When Geoprobe announced the DT22 upgrade, we immediately purchased the new liners and associated detent drive head,” Paul Riley, owner, said. “To our very pleasant surprise, it worked beautifully and was certainly easier and more efficient than the previous ‘push, wiggle and wedge’ method.”

Efficiency is realized not just through the reliability of a quality sample being retrieved, but also in the time it takes to deploy.

“These are quicker,” said Daniel Yoakum, drilling operations manager for Environmental Works Inc. “We don’t seem to be fumbling around as much when using them.”

The experience for RAZEK Environmental LLS in Louisburg, Kansas, has been similar. Often they are collecting samples of native clay beneath fill sand of an Underground Storage Tank basin. Previously they had to cut off the top 3 inches of liner, which had been distorted when removing the head, in order to present their clients with a pristine sample.

“The new detent drive head has not failed to return a liner since we started using it last year,” Tony Poulter, owner, said. “The detent drive head can be removed with a simple push of the button saving time and frustration for our clients. The detent drive head increases our sampling efficiency.”

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