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More and More, Customers Choose Geoprobe® 3.75-inch Rod for Variety of Applications

3.75 in. Probe Rod System

3.75 in. Probe Rod System

Collecting SPT through Driven Casing
It's now possible to collect SPT data via split spoon sampler and automatic drop hammer within the same 3.75-inch driven casing. This system is applicable anywhere driven casing can be advanced with a Geoprobe® machine.

Collecting Continuous Soil Samples
In combination with the DT37 soil sampling system, collecting continuous 2-inch diameter soil samples is a common practice.

Installing Prepacks
Geoprobe® 3.75-inch tooling was designed in conjunction with the Geoprobe® 2.0-inch Slim Prepacks to create a more efficient method of installing 2.0-inch Schedule 40 prepacked screen monitoring wells. The 3.75-inch rods have a 3.75-inch OD and an ID of 3 inches. In short, it's an optimal casing combining ease of use for 2.0-inch Slim Prepack installation, minimal borehole size to maintain reasonable penetration rates, and a robust thread design. This durable and robust tooling system can be driven with Geoprobe® percussion hammers.

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Geoprobe® 3.75-inch Tooling System