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Geoprobe® Service Offers Multiple Options

Geoprobe® Refurbishing Services

Geoprobe® Refurbishing Services

The goal of Geoprobe® service is to provide the best equipment service support in the drilling industry. Understanding the difficult job our customers face servicing drilling rigs when they are busy performing field work, the service centers – in Kansas and Florida – offer several different options to meet your needs.

Change fluids/filters, lubricate slides, grease pivot points, check track tension, charge hammer.

Anything beyond standard service. Slide changes, hoses changes, cylinder rebuilds, gauge replacement, hammer replacements, tracks replaced, pump rebuilds, gearbox rebuilds, etc.

Service and Repair: 
Fluids and filters and a repair of any kind to the machine.

Service, Repair and Paint: 
Complete fluids service, agreed upon repairs, and as much painting as can be done without tearing the unit all the way down.

Geoprobe® Factory Refurbish*: 
Complete teardown, sandblast, paint, and building back up of a machine using all new slides, hoses and fittings, hydraulic pump, electrical components, new remote, rebuild hammer, hose carriers, rubber tracks, and more so the unit comes back looking and running like new. Essentially, it is like hitting the reset button on your machine’s life.

*Only completed at Geoprobe® headquarters in Salina, Kansas.

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Geoprobe® Refurbishing Services
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