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Geoprobe® Participates on ITRC Team for Implementing ASCT

This slide was used in one of the first ASCT Team meetings to suggest possible tools and methods to be included in the Tech Reg.

This slide was used in one of the first ASCT Team meetings to suggest possible tools and methods to be included in the Tech Reg.

The Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) is a state led coalition working to encourage the use of innovative technology and methods to reduce the cost and expedite the cleanup of contaminated sites across the country. As of last year, all 50 states were participating in ITRC.

ITRC accomplishes its goals by establishing teams to work on selected technical and regulatory projects. The teams are led by state personnel and typically include Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and private company experts through the Industrial Affiliates Program. The teams work to develop and write guidance documents and develop training courses on the selected topics. The published Tech Reg documents ( are well known and widely used by state and federal agencies and private consultants across the U.S. and beyond. The teams also develop in-person and online training seminars.

Geoprobe® joined ITRC in 2018 to participate on the Implementing Advanced Site Characterization Tools (ASCT) Team. This team – led by Alexander Wardle, remediation specialist of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, and Edward Winner, Ph.D., of the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection – was established to develop guidance and training for regulators and private industry on the use of several new and innovative site characterization tools and methods. Often these tools and methods have been underutilized but show the ability to improve and expedite site characterization, often at a significant cost savings.

The ASCT Team, working under an expedited timeline, hopes to have the Tech Reg document published in 2020. Wes McCall, Geoprobe® geologist, has been working with the ASCT Team to assist with writing and reviewing sections of the draft Tech Reg document related to the direct push logging technologies. According to McCall, the broad technical and regulatory experience of the team members has helped to develop a detailed draft of the document. As of late March 2019, the team is working on the third draft of the ASCT document and anticipates having the draft final document completed by fall 2019. Later this year the team will also begin development of materials for in-person and online training for the ASCT.

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