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Portable Hydraulic Rod Clamp

Portable Hydraulic Rod Clamp

How do I prevent probe rods from falling down hole when pulling them out of the ground?

In years past, our best advice to you for preventing a tool string from falling back downhole was to use a trusty pipe wrench to help hold the rods while tripping out.  Even our hard-working engineers and field teams used the old pipe wrench method during demonstrations and shows … but not with a smile on their faces!

No More!  Get rid of the pipe wrenches and use the Geoprobe® Portable Hydraulic Clamp that can be attached to most 6620DT, 7720DT, 7730DT, 7822DT, and 6712DT machines. The clamp uses an auxiliary hydraulic location on the machine with a detent button/handle on the control panel. The two-way auxiliary allows the clamp to open and close while maintaining constant pressure once the button or lever is let go. The self-adjusting Portable Hydraulic Clamp can be used with 1.25 in. to 3.75 in. rods.  The clamp can either be put over the top of the rods or you can unpin the front of the clamp (hinged) to put it around the rods if the top of the rods are engaged with the probe machine.  The clamp weighs about 30 lb.  

This easy-to-use and durable Portable Hydraulic Clamp System is a MUST for one-man operations, for deep hole work with the Macro-Core® System, or for holding inner rods for dual tube systems. Don’t fight those pipe wrenches any longer. The Geoprobe® Portable Hydraulic Clamp makes pulling rods out just as easy as driving them in!   


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