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EPI Targets Air Rotary/Hammer Work for 7822DT

Tony Pressimone, Operations Manager for Environmental Probing Investigations in Cream Ridge, NJ, says their 7822DT “has proven to be one of the most versatile rigs we own.”

EPI has five Geoprobe track-mounted rigs in their stable: a 6620DT, two 7720DTs, a 6712DT and the 7822DT. 

On a recent project in central New Jersey, EPI was tasked with installing five 4-in. monitoring wells for the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. Each well was set at varying depths from 35-ft bgs to 70-ft bgs.


AJ Benjamin, EPI’s 7822DT Operator, uses the machine to turn 6-5/8-in. augers.

“We were concerned because the top 35 feet of the geology was sticky clay,” Tony explained. “The clay did slow down the 7822DT, but it didn’t us from completing our mission. AJ Benjamin, EPI’s 7822DT Operator, was skeptical at first about getting the 6-5/8-in. hollow stem augers down to depth considering the geology, “but the 7822DT just kept going,” Tony said. “AJ and his assistant, Josh Septor were able to start, install and finish the 70-ft 4-in. well within eight hours onsite.” Installing additional wells and soil borings were completed without any issues to close out the NJTPK Authority project.

Tony added, “All in all, the 7822DT is a versatile rig with lots of power. Its small footprint allows it access to some tight areas. It can advance soil borings from 5-ft bgs or to 130-ft bgs for groundwater sampling.Or we can use DT25 or DT32 (dual tube systems for 2.5-in. or for 3.25-in rods) for soil sampling, or for the installation of 0.75-in. PVC well points to 4-in. PVC monitoring wells.”  

The affixed & operable mini blade and drop rack system are also invaluable assets when dealing with rough terrain or remote site locations.  We can carry water and additional tools out to each location and also clear the work area so it’s suitable for the crew to walk around on level ground and also are free of any scrub brush and small trees making the work area safer. 

Because of the 7822DT’s performance last year, EPI will be looking focusing on air rotary and air hammer work in the coming year.