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Geotechnical Drilling Rigs

In this video, Rob Caho talks about how the 3230DT Combo Rig is an ideal rig for all of your geotechnical needs. Call us today at 785-825-1842 for more information.

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As an industry leader in innovation, Geoprobe® machines and tooling help the technical driller excel in an ever-changing environment. Geoprobe® equipment, such as the 3230DT geotechnical rig, are designed to help make projects fast and efficient, thereby saving time and money.


Geoprobe® has a variety of rigs and tooling designed to meet drillers’ needs when it comes to geotechnical projects. Geotechnical exploration refers to drilling to collect information used to engineer the foundations of structures, such as roadways, buildings, tunnels, and levees. The low impact and maneuverability of the rigs are perfect for investigative projects, too. The geotechnical rigs can move freely at project sites with limited access, such as next to foundations, inside buildings or under power lines.

Quality components like the automatic drop hammer, combo head, and split spoon sampling system, make the process for collecting geotechnical soil samples quick and efficient. Once collected, most samples are transferred to a laboratory for testing to collect information about the soil structure.

Geoprobe® Geotechnical Drilling Rigs

Geoprobe® has a variety of rigs for any size geotechnical project. The 3230DT is a full combination rig with strong geotechnical capabilities. The 20 CPT Press and 2060CPT are designed specifically for CPT. All of our rigs from the 6712DT and larger (including sonic) have a drop hammer option.



Specifically designed for customers focused on traditional geotechnical drilling applications utilizing: hollow stem auger, solid stem auger, SPT, mud rotary, air rotary, and high speed coring.

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The Geoprobe® 3100GT Geotechnical Rig is designed to quickly perform SPT borings (augers & mud rotary), collect shelby tube samples, take rock cores, and push CPT cone.

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This mid-sized tracked drill rig provides high torque in a compact and easy-to-maneuver package without losing any of the power needed to turn augers at exploration and construction sites.

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The Geoprobe® 3200 is built for geotechnical and environmental work. The patented CB6 Combo Head and side-shift enables the operator to quickly switch between applications.

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The small footprint of the 7822DT allows the operator to move freely at the site, such as next to foundations, on top of levees, or inside hard-to-reach places during investigations.

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The Geoprobe® 7800 truck mounted direct push machine allows for quick mobilization from one project site to the next. It is capable of running geotechnical and environmental applications.

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20 CPT Press


This flexible mast option has a 20-ton capacity and is designed specifically for performing CPT. It’s perfect for limited access sites where surface conditions won’t support a large machine.

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This 20-ton machine is equipped with user friendly controls and a swinging control panel that enables operation from either side of the press. The hydraulic bottom clamp also keeps rods from slipping back down hole on retraction.

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Rob Caho

I’ve been in the drilling industry for nearly 40 years, primarily operating traditional drilling rigs. In the last few weeks, I’ve had my first opportunity to operate a Geoprobe® 3230DT combination rig in the field. Wow! I had no idea how many features the Geoprobe® engineers built into this compact track carrier. As an operator, the rotary power and functionality exceeded my expectations. I was able to complete all the auger and rotary work that typical projects require. I was blown away by the list of additional features that made my day in the field easier. To all my friends in the drilling industry, I encourage you to take the time to operate a Geoprobe® 3230DT. Call me at 785-825-1842 and I’ll share my story.

- Rob Caho, North Central Regional Sales

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Geoprobe® 3230DT Geotechnical Rig Features

The Geoprobe® 3230DT is a mid-sized tracked drill rig combining advanced direct push functionality with traditional geotechnical auger rig and high-speed rotary drilling capabilities. The versatility of this machine equips the driller to complete a variety of applications, from geotechnical to environmental, with just one machine. It was designed with speed, power, and operator comfort in mind to allow for safe and efficient transitions between tasks.

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Auto Drop Hammer

Automatic Drop Hammer for Standard Penetration Testing

The DH105 Automatic Drop Hammer is equipped for Standard Penetration Testing (SPT) work. The easy-to-use drop hammer hydraulically swings out over the borehole after the combo head is sideshifted away from the tool string. The DH105 comes standard with a 140 lb. slug, or can be equipped with slugs ranging from 100 to 340 lb., depending upon your needs.


  • Easy on / Easy off design!
  • Conforms to ASTM Standards D1586
  • Consistent results
  • No cables or ropes needed for operation.
  • Hammer swings over hole without repositioning the whole machine.
  • Throw height can be adjusted within seconds.
  • Use your Geoprobe® rig for both environmental & geotechnical projects.
  • SPT blow count results are used for obtaining strength & density properties of soil, designing foundations, & defining earthquake sensitive soils.

CB Combo Head for Augering & Rotary

The patented CB Combo Head is the heart of the 3230DT and perfect for augering and high-speed rotary work. A 6-speed variant of the combo head is available with 8,500 lbs. of torque and top speed of 800 rpm. For projects that require direct push sampling or driving large casing, the integrated GH70 Hammer has become standard.

Completing the CB Combo Head is our patented hydraulic head clamp that is built-in and allows users to safely and quickly hold or pull rods, casings, or augers while maintaining an open tool string. It easily manages the 80,000 lb. of pullback from the drill mast. Additionally, the combo head has functionality for direct push / percussion, mud rotary, air rotary, and rock coring.

standard penetration testing

Standard Penetration Testing (SPT)

direct push

Direct Push / Percussion

mud rotary

Mud Rotary

rock coring

Rock Coring

air rotary

Air Rotary

Patented Head Clamp

Patented Head Clamp


The 3230DT has no issues with torque! We've had 8.25-in. augers to 100+ feet...and this pony had much more room to get-up-and-go!
Triple Winches

Triple Winches & Telescoping Winch Mast

The variable height telescoping winch mast, with a maximum height of 24 ft., allows your field team to trip 20 ft. sections of tooling. The 3230DT can also be operated with the winch mast lowered to work under power lines, inside buildings, or when canopies or structures require a lower clearance. The telescoping mast can be outfitted with one, two, or three winches depending on user preference.


  • Line pulls up to 8,500 lbf and line speeds up to 191 fpm
  • Telescoping winch mast hydraulically raises and lowers, variable operating heights
  • Trip 20 ft. sections of tooling
  • Maximum height of 24 ft.

3230DT Control System


The adjustable swing-arm 3230DT control panel has an intuitive layout that allows the operator to perform multiple tasks effortlessly. Speeds, feeds, and pumps can be precisely dialed in with the electronic controls. The control panel’s ability to swing freely from the rig lets the operator be in the position needed to help align a rod or to be at a comfortable distance away from a spinning drill string. Even controls to sideshift the Combo Head and reposition the Automatic Drop Hammer are at the operator’s fingertips.


  • Multi-positioning options
  • Electronic Diagnostic System
  • Digital Display Screen
  • Head Feed Pressure Controls (optional)
  • Operator Presence Bar for safety
  • Single Toggle Switch to go from Hammer to Rotation
  • Variable Speed Control for Hammer and Rotation

Control Panel