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1.5 in. vs. 1.75 in Probe Rods

1.5 in. vs. 1.75 in Probe Rods

Our NEW Geoprobe® 1.75 in. probe rods are stronger, last longer, and can be used for multiple applications.  As a result, they’ve become the rod of choice for many drillers.

• The ID (0.75 in.) makes running larger DI trunklines easier (MIP-HPT, MIP-HTL and OIP-HPT).
• Larger, multi-lead threads increase longevity 
• Larger threads seal better, even without orings, making them ideal for discreet vertical profile water sampling applications
• Meets ASTM D1586 for Standard Penetration Testing (SPT)

“We’ve been utilizing the 1.75 in. Geoprobe® rod for Direct Image® tooling since their release with great success.  We have encountered at minimum, double the life span versus the 1.5 in. rods.  We have run the new 1.75 in. rods thousands of feet in conjunction with MiHpt, HPT, OIP, OiHpt and EC with depths of 80 ft. plus.  We have not experienced a probe loss due to broken rod joints, which we experienced in the past using 1.5 in. rods.  Even when we hammered on an OiHpt probe well past normal and sane refusal, the probe and rods were brought back without any thread damage whatsoever.  We have replaced a few with worn threads from our original batch but have not had to replace any due to bending or joint deformation.  I highly recommend the 1.75 in. rod.  It will be my only choice of rod for the vast array of Direct Image® tooling we operate — That is until Geoprobe® unveils something new and approved, which they usually do!”

Jonathan Wiley • Direct Imaging Manager
Stock Drilling • Ida, MI

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