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CPT (Cone Penetration Testing)

The new NOVA CPT equipment integrates easily with the Geoprobe® 6622CPT machine which was designed specifically for pushing CPT, as well as having standard Geoprobe® direct push sampling capabilities using a hydraulic percussion hammer.  Using RW (Radio Wave) NOVA, the user can push cones through the center chuck system while collecting cordless cone data real-time via a RW antenna.  Communication between the cone and data acquisition is automatic.  By integrating these two major components, expect to see improved efficiency in CPT.  Setup and pushing capability will be easier for CPT soundings using the 6622CPT with automatic anchor placement, wireless remote control for tracks, throttle, & rear blade, and center pushing through a CPT clamp system.  NOVA CPT adds to the advancements by offering two cordless options for operators where data can be acquired at 18-bit resolution through either RW or sound data transmission approaches.


Basic components of the RW NOVA CPT System (clockwise from the left): Instrumentation Cords, Depth Encoder, Computer Interface, RW NOVA Receiver, and RW NOVA Transmitter assembled to the NOVA CPT Probe.

Geoprobe Systems® teamed up with Geotech AB of Sweden to be the exclusive US distributor for Geotech AB Cone Penetration Testing tools for geotechnical and environmental studies. Now it is possible to combine the efficiency of Geoprobe® technology (lightweight, mobile) with the innovative cone penetration technique. These cordless CPT probes can be used from a variety of push platforms to provide continuous data, repeatable penetration results, and cost savings over more traditional boring and sampling methods. A CPT test is commonly used to determine the subsurface statigraphy in situ (in place) and to estimate geotechnical parameters of the materials present. The Geotech NOVA CPT system is unique in the geotechnical industry for its cordless data transmission system: a constant stream of data is sent to the surface through the soundingrods. No cable through the rods is needed.


Make sure you use the best machine when running CPT logs. The 6622CPT machine has the ability to anchor up to 16in. (406 mm) in diameter. This can be used for stabilizing the machine during a logging or sampling event.

Cone meets the ASTM D-5778 Standard Test Method for Performing Electronic Friction Cone and Piezocone Penetration Testing of Soils.

New cordless cone and data transmission technology makes logging quicker and easier!

  • This is the only CPT probe industry-wide that provides a constant stream of real-time data while you're probing... without a cord downhole. Information collected includes soil resistance on the cone tip, resistance on the outer sides, and pore pressures generated during the test.
  • The only data transmission system of its kind.
  • The operator does not have to manage data cable as the rods are cycled in and out of the sounding hole. Rod handling is efficient and the risk of cable damage is eliminated.
  • New, RW NOVA technology uses radio waves to transmit measurements back to the receiver, opening the door for cordless SCPT, downhole video camera capabilities, and other data collecting sensors.
  • Data transmission methods: Acoustic NOVA, Cable NOVA, RW NOVA
  • New cone design offers 18 bit resolution with improved strength and gauge measurement accuracy.
  • Repeatable penetration results
  • Since the rod bore is free and clear, it can be used for lubrication grouting as the rods are pushed into the ground and for retraction grouting (hole sealing) as the rods are pulled. Click here for a drawing of this feature.
  • Can be used with multiple push platforms: drill rigs, cone trucks, Geoprobe® direct push machines....
  • Interpret results quickly with user-friendly CPT-PRO software for comprehensive data evaluation.

cpt log

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cpt log

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CPT log showing Soil Classification, Tip (qc), Sleeve (fs), Pore Pressure (u2), and Friction Ratio (RF). Log easily shows the varying soil conditions encountered when pushing CPT in Saline County, KS. Log created using CPT-Pro (post-processing software).

CPT log showing Soil Classification, Tip (qc), Sleeve (fs), Pore Pressure (u2), and Friction Ratio (Rf). Log clearly shows the change from clay to sand in both tip pressure and pore pressure. Note the steady increase in pore pressure beginning at 36ft., indicating the probe encountered the water table. Log created using CPT-Pro (post-processing software).


CPT Push-Platform


There's lots more to be said about this innovative CPT equipment. To request more detailed information about how this CPT system can work for you request info from us or visit Geotech AB's website.


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