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HSA Parts

Augers can act as temporary casing, keeping the sides of the bore hole from caving in, allowing the crew to take samples through the hollow stem or use it for setting a groundwater monitoring well into place. While not effective when boulders or large cobble stones are encountered, split spoon or continuous coring using augers can be successful in loose, sandy soils.

Advantages of Augers

  • allows for soil sampling in formations of unconsolidated soils
  • rapid drilling into clay-filled soils is easy and cost-effective

Augers such as frost augers can be used with GH40 or GH60 hammers to open a probe hole through a frost layer, asphalt, or compacted surface fills. When the layer has been penetrated, remove augers and begin probing. You can even use your GH60 hammer rotation to drill an 8-inch hole for a well head protector.

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HSA Parts

HSA Parts


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