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Sonic Casing

Geoprobe Systems® offers a full family of Sonic tooling, including casing in a wide range of sizes, bits to match, inner rods, samplers, liners, and retainers. All of this sonic drilling soil sampling tooling is available from your single Geoprobe® source. Our Sonic Tooling includes unique sonic drilling soil sampling systems available only from Geoprobe®.

All sizes of Geoprobe® Sonic Casing are made from aircraft alloy steel with heat treated tool joints. All heat treatment, metal improvement, and machining is performed by Geoprobe Systems® to give you the high quality and consistency you have come to expect in a Genuine Geoprobe® product.

Geoprobe® Sonic Tooling joints are engineered for ease of make-up and break-out with no galling or deforming in the thread area. Field operators report they can immediately tell the difference.

Our sonic drilling soil sampling tooling offers you the widest array of bits and sampling systems available; from conventional telescoping soil coring to dual tubing and face flush bits for rock coring. It’s all available from Geoprobe®, it’s economically priced and it’s on the shelf now.

Geoprobe® Sonic Casing
We carry casing on the shelf  in a variety of lengths. Multiple uses include:

  • Conventional Sonic Sampling ( 4x6, 6x8, 8x10)
  • Dual Tube Sonic Sampling ( SDT45 & SDT60 )
  • Single Casing System: Cased Hole w/o Sampling

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