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DRILLMAX® DM250 Water Well Rig


DRILLMAX® has been a well-known and respected manufacture of geothermal and water well rigs for nearly 34 years, based in Ocala, Florida. The company’s success has been directly tied to their quality of work and the many relationships forged over the years. DRILLMAX® offers the drilling industry a diverse line-up of top head drive drilling rigs.

“For many years DRILLMAX® and Geoprobe® attended many of the same tradeshows.”, shares Tom Omli. “I always looked forward to meeting with Donnie Wood, General Manager of DRILLMAX®, and catching up on the latest news. The more we spoke about the opportunities and challenges our individual companies faced, the more we realized that working together we could help both companies take better care of our respective customer base. In 2017 DRILLMAX® joined Geoprobe®. Bringing companies together is real work, but we are already starting to see new positives emerge.”

One positive example is the NEW DRILLMAX® DM250 which was shown publicly for the first time, April 26th, 2018, at the Geoprobe® Open House in Salina, Kansas. DRILLMAX® has been making DM250 rigs for many years. The DM250 has a proven reputation and is known for being a high production rotary rig that can handle 20 foot drill pipe and still maintain a compact size for mounting on a non-CDL truck chassis. “The combination of torque, mast speed, pumps, and rod loader make drilling 2-in. to 6-in. shallow wells fast and easy on the driller.”, says Donnie. “In addition, the non-CDL chassis makes mobilization to the job sites easier, less costly, and the rig can fit in tight drilling locations.”

The simple goals for the NEW DM250 product was to enhance current operator features, simplify manufacturing, improve serviceability, and reduce rig weight.

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