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DRILLMAX® DM250 - Rod Carousel

Video Summary:

This video looks at the rod carousel on the DM250.

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The rod carousel on the DRILLMAX® DM250 Water Well Rig is a simple and safe way to go in and out of the hole. With 160-feet of 3-inch OD drill pipe, it allows for greater flexibility on drill sites and gives drillers the opportunity to task the helper with other site chores or to run a one-man operation.

The engineered features of the carousel make it simple for the operator to determine when the head is in position to pick up or drop off the next rod without looking to the top of the carousel.

A cushion at the top of drill mast provides indication you've reached position to slide over to the rods in the carousel. Grooves along the base of carousel align with an arrow to indicate alignment with the top head. The indicator arrow and grooves on the base eliminates the need for an electrical sensor. The hydraulic motor on the bottom of the carousel rotates the carousel in either direction to get into position when coming in and out of the hole.

A number of safety features are built into the design of the carousel on the DM250. All pipe locks into position within the pod, canceling out the chance of pipe falling out. It also eliminates the need for the driller or helper to handle the rods.

When preparing for transport, the carousel is rotated to the indicator arrow between the grooves in the base and the carousel is then locked into position for safe travel.

The carousel gives drillers a simple and safe way to drill with the DM250. It also gives drillers and more flexibility on the job site.