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DM450 power and efficiency combines to successfully tackle municipal geothermal projects.

DM450 power and efficiency combines to successfully tackle municipal geothermal projects.

During 2020, Island Geo Drillers purchased a DM250 in order to go after additional municipal geothermal projects. Their success coupled with expansion of geothermal industry prompted them to add a DM450 to their fleet.

“The geothermal industry has taken off. There are a lot more school and commercial projects while we're also seeing residential pick up with extension of tax credits,” Joe Dalba, president, said. “When we had a project where we needed more power to do 66, 500-foot, 1.5-inch loops, we started looking for another rig.”

They considered other manufacturers, but when it came to price point and being tailored to geothermal, the DM450 became the clear choice.

“The big piston pump clears holes faster with the up-hole velocity of the pump pressure,” Dalba said.

They chose the optional rod carousel and loaded it up with as much pipe as possible.

“We can go to 300 feet in 45 minutes without the helper having to load pipe,” Dalba said. “Most of the work we do is 300 feet but backloading is key to keep it quick when doing 500-foot bores.”

The optional rod spinner also makes the helper’s job easier.

“We’d never operated a rod spinner before, but it saves the helper's energy to do more bores,” Dalba said. “It takes a lot of out of a person to take rods apart by hand, so this keeps them going longer.”

The DM450, in many ways, mirrors their DM250, but the larger rig aids maneuverability on challenging sites.

“Mounted on the International makes it capable of going through some pretty gnarly job sites, but not so massive that we can’t use it on residential jobs,” Ryan Maletta, owner, said.

The additional power of the larger rig and efficiency of the carousel and larger pump has amplified their production.

“The increased pullback provides more power to get out of trouble,” Dalba said. “We’ve gained 25% drilling production.”

They recently installed geothermal loops for 110 homes.

“We’re completing 500-foot bores, and we’re able to do three wells by noon without struggling by any means,” Maletta said. “We’re doing more all around. Production is 25% more efficient, it’s easier on the guys, and makes for a better workplace.”

They believe the one-two punch of a DM250 and DM450 positions their geothermal company for continued growth.

“The DM250 is non-CDL, tight, compact, and great for residential and retrofits. We’ve taken it to 500 feet, but wouldn’t be able to do more,” Dalba said. “Now that New York allows going deeper than 500 feet for geothermal, the DM450 can certainly handle 700-plus feet. Maybe even further.”

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