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Lightweight, Maneuverable DM450 Efficiently Sets Up-to 16-inch Casing

Wide array of standardized drilling rig components tailors DM450 to commercial water well, geothermal, or cathodic protection jobs.

Wide array of standardized drilling rig components tailors DM450 to commercial water well, geothermal, or cathodic protection jobs.

Mud system, top head travel speed, and rotation speed and power combine to quickly conquer clay or cobbles to increase production and profit. Engineered to handle 4-inch to 12-inch wells up to 1,000 feet, tailor the DM450 to your specific geography and drilling preferences from a wide array of drilling rig components. Choosing from an assortment of standardized options minimizes maintenance and makes repairing your rig from the field possible with a phone call to our team of expert service technicians. 

Rod Carousel Capable of Backfeeding Drill Pipe  

Create opportunity to task helper with other site chores or run a one-man job when you choose carousel option. 

  • two safe and easy carousel options based on drill pipe preference — 3 or 3.5 inch — able to backfeed while running pipe. 
  • simple, durable hydraulic fork at top of carousel operated from control panel holds drill pipe in position. 
  • pod for each drill pipe contains a cushion spring prohibiting pipe from slamming into pod, protecting drill pipe and creating a quieter job site.

Table Assembly Adjusts to Set up to 16-inch Casing 

Easy access to table opening from control panel simplifies setting variety of casing sizes.

  • remove bushings to set up-to 10-inch casing.
  • remove center bushings and use control panel to retract table when setting 12-inch casing.
  • remove bushings and use control panel to retract table then remove pin and swing open gate to make room for 16-inch casing.

Pipe Spinner System Takes Hands Off Pipe

Bi-directional, hands-free pipe spinner system quickly makes and breaks joints with less wear on driller. 

  • switch on control panel dictates which direction wheels spin.
  • single lever control engages both clamp and spinning function.
  • innovative segmented rollers made of staggered, stacked plates with teeth to grab pipe increase performance, longevity, and ease of service.
  • threaded fitting adjusts bumpers to optimize pipe spinner grip performance based on size of drill pipe used. 

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DRILLMAX® DM450 - Table

DM450 truck mounted water well drilling rig amplifies production on commercial jobs.

DM450 Water Well Drill Rig

Tophead offering both torque and speed to the impressive power to weight ratio make the DM450 well suited for water well, geothermal, and/or cathodic protection drilling while minimizing maintenance.

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