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DRILLMAX® DM450 - Rod Carousel

Video Summary:

This video looks at the rod carousel on the DM450.

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The rod carousel on the DRILLMAX® DM450 Water Well Rig is a simple and safe way to go in and out of the hole. Two carousel options are available based on pipe preference, either 3 or 3.5 inch. When using the carousel, it allows for greater flexibility on drill sites and gives drillers the opportunity to task the helper with other site chores or to run a one-man operation.

The carousel option for 3 inch drill pipe holds 15 rods, or 300 feet. When using 3.5 inch drill pipe, the carousel option holds 12 rods, or 240 feet. All carousel functions are controlled by the driller on the control panel. Grooves along the carousel provide visual indicators when aligning the rotary head over the rods. The side shift on the top head can shift left or right of center, which allows for accessing the carousel.

A simple, durable air powered fork at the top of the carousel holds drill pipe in position when threaded or unthreaded from the top head. Additionally, a pod for each drill pipe contains a cushion spring, prohibiting pipe from slamming into the pod, protecting drill pipe and creating a quieter job site.

While drilling, the backfeed on the carousel allows the helper to load additional drill pipe. Controls on the helper side open and close the gate, and the winch and jib system load rods into the backside of the carousel.

When using 3.5 inch drill pipe, an additional 300 feet can go in the box for a total of 540 feet of rod. When using 3 inch drill pipe, an additional 400 feet can go in the box for a total of 700 feet of rod.

The carousel gives drillers a simple and safe way to drill with the DM450. It also gives drillers more flexibility on the job site.