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With a similar footprint, the new DM250 water well drilling machines are faster and stronger than legacy models.

With a similar footprint, the new DM250 water well drilling machines are faster and stronger than legacy models.

In business for more than 125 years, Partridge Well Drilling Company Inc is in it for the long haul, serving Northeast Florida completing residential, monitoring, and municipal wells. Giving customers the best product possible and keeping them pleased rests on a fleet of six to eight rigs running daily. For six generations of Partridge family members, they’ve come to depend on DRILLMAX® water well drilling machines. So when time came to upgrade a 2004 model, they didn’t look far.

“That rig did 90 percent of our work, so we wanted to keep the same footprint,” Lance Partridge, partner, said. “We briefly considered others, but they couldn’t compare. They didn’t have the features and muscle that the DM250 has.”

With the new DM250 water well drilling machines they found the footprint they sought, but a much-improved drill rig.

“The new DM250 is similar but much different in all the best possible ways. You can definitely see the improvement just by looking at it – from fit, finish, and design details – let alone running it. It’s faster and stronger than the previous model,” Partridge said.

For Partridge, the impressive top head speed is complimented by a host of features for easier operation and maintenance. The control panel set up and helper controls on the passenger side for the rod loader makes the rig user friendly. Smoother rollers on the mast require less maintenance and repair. The plumbing and valves on the mud pump make it easier to operate while also lasting longer without as much maintenance. 

“The centrifugal pump means we can drill out of a tub rather than in a pit like we used to. This saves time, money, and energy. It keeps the site cleaner and we don’t have to haul a tractor to dig the pit,” Partridge said. “It’s increased production efficiency — faster, cleaner, safer.”

With their oldest DRILLMAX® rig approaching 21 years old, Partridge knows he can rely on excellent customer service when they need parts or repairs.

“There’s no problem getting parts. Simply pick-up the phone to call and get parts immediately,” Partridge said. “DRILLMAX® makes a good-quality product that lasts a long, long time.”

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DM250 Single Rod Loader

small drilling rigs for sale DM250 engineering sets it apart from the competition.

DM250 Water Well Drill Rig

From simple operation and surprising power to fast production with 20-foot stroke, DM250 offers loads of added value all under class A/B CDL.

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