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Efficiency of DM250 truck mounted drill rig permits packing more wells into the same time period while compact size eliminates damage to yards, trees, and landscaping in limited access areas.

Efficiency of DM250 truck mounted drill rig permits packing more wells into the same time period while compact size eliminates damage to yards, trees, and landscaping in limited access areas.

The second-generation Willey & Company got their start doing septic systems and built a reputation for doing things quickly.

“Many times people will call a company and won’t get a return call,” Mike Willey, owner, said. “We make sure to return calls in one day and most times get the job done in one day.”

When Mike took over the business in 2005, he immediately got licensed as a well driller. In 2007, they bought out the company they were subcontracting wells out to and jumped into well drilling in order to take care of their customers – 95 percent of whom are new construction. Now the company is unique in their Delaware market offering services for both septic systems and water wells.

However, the equipment they acquired from the purchase of the well drilling company had aged enough to no longer be efficient. So they spent six months researching which truck mounted drill rig to purchase.

“This was a really large expense to us. We were used to the cost of excavators and loaders, but we knew we were spending more money on repairs than what we would on a new rig,” Mike said.

The DM250 rose to the top of their list thanks to the small size with 20-foot rod capabilities while still being under class A/B CDL.

“The fact that it could do same size wells but on a smaller truck means we’re able to get in and out of tight spots. Most people on our team can drive it and we didn’t have to sacrifice on rod length. DRILLMAX® is one of the only options we found that offered all that,” Mike said.

After spending so much time servicing their aging rigs, the pleasant surprise to them has been the lack of problems with the DM250.

“In the well drilling business, every day is a problem but the rig hasn’t been,” Mike said. “There is a learning curve going from table to top head drive, but we were up and running in a week with the help of training with Donnie.”

Not having to do weekly repairs on a truck mounted drill rig has been a relief.

“Concentrating on working and meeting customer needs is much better than worrying about fixing something,” Mike said.

As owner, the size and speed top Mike’s list of DM250 advantages.

“We can get into much tighter locations without damaging yards. We’re not getting stuck or tearing up yards,” Mike said. “And with the top head drive, we know we can get to 60-feet down. We’re off the job much quicker, so less labor and on to the next job.”

They now can drill more wells over the same period of time.

He also acknowledges the advertising advantage a good looking, new truck mounted drill rig in the fleet brings to the business.

“It makes a much better appearance than what we were dragging down the road before,” Mike said. “It’s an undervalued benefit to have something different and new.”

This contributes to his belief they got more than expected.

“I’m really happy with the purchase,” Mike said. “Originally I didn’t want to purchase new, but the guys talked me into it. I’m really glad they did.”

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small drilling rigs for sale DM250 engineering sets it apart from the competition.

DM250 Water Well Drill Rig

From simple operation and surprising power to fast production with 20-foot stroke, DM250 offers loads of added value all under class A/B CDL.

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