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Factory-mounted Mudslayer 250 mud cleaning system

Factory-mounted Mudslayer 250 mud cleaning system

Separate Auxiliary Hydraulic Circuit
Eliminates drilling functions and fluid circulation battling for hydraulic pressure and flow. Hook up a mud cleaner or grout  mixer, you're ready to go.

Factory-mounted Mudslayer 250 Mud Cleaning System

Rod Carousel and Rod Box
Carry 240-feet of 3.5-inch rods with additional 300 feet in box, using winch and jib to back feed carousel. Head shifts left or right before it reaches the top.

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DRILLMAX® DM450 - Mud Cleaning System

DM450 deep water well drilling rig also suited for geothermal drilling and cathodic protection drilling

DM450 Water Well Drill Rig

Tophead offering both torque and speed to the impressive power to weight ratio make the DM450 well suited for water well, geothermal, and/or cathodic protection drilling while minimizing maintenance.

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