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The 7822DT is designed with dependability, expandability, and performance in mind. It will help you adapt to changing work roles whether you're focused on environmental, geotechnical, or exploration work.

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7822DT rotary drilling rigs capability with direct push finesse

7822DT Drill Rig


The Geoprobe® 7822DT drill rig is the industry benchmark for compact, versatile, high performance drilling. With capabilities unparalleled in a single, compact drilling platform, it easily adapts and expands to changing working roles and project requirements.

Being able to tackle various environmental, geotechnical, and exploration applications with a single machine reduces the need to mobilize multiple rigs with limited functions, saving time and money. Designed and engineered to perform like a traditional drill rig, the 7822DT is much easier to transport and has a smaller site footprint. This makes it possible to maneuver through limited access areas and tight spaces. With a stable track base, the 7822DT is ideal for off-road conditions where rough terrain and sloped surfaces are encountered.

All of the features and capabilities engineered into the 7822DT allows you to offer more services to your current clients and gain the interest of new clients. Soon they’ll be asking for the 7822DT.

Designed to be highly flexible, the 7822DT has numerous options available. This allows the rig to perform a number of functions, including direct push, augering, mud rotary, air rotary, concrete and rock coring, standard penetration testing, cone penetration testing, Direct Image® logging, and much more. Transitioning from function to function is designed to be quick and simple.

At the heart of the 7822DT is the proven GH60 series percussion hammer, designed and built exclusively by Geoprobe®. It has the power to continuously push casing sizes up to 3.75 inches. This allows for discrete and continuous soil and sediment sampling to be performed with the Macro-Core® and dual tube soil sampling systems. Monitoring wells can be installed through driven casing and groundwater sampling can be performed using the SP16 and SP22 systems. Additionally, Direct Image® subsurface logging applications can be completed using the percussion hammer.

The 7822DT has the power to complete rotational drilling projects with the optional two and four speed rotary heads. The two speed head has a top speed of 150 rpm, and the four speed head has a top speed of 750 rpm.

Rock coring can be completed using the four-speed GA4100 high speed water swivel system. Diamond core drilling is done on the 7822DT using industry standard wireline diamond coring drilling tools. With the dual winch option, wireline can easily be run on the 7822DT.

For geotechnical investigation, the optional automatic drop hammer can be swung into place over the bore hole. Operation of the automatic drop hammer for standard penetration testing is performed from the control panel, keeping the operator a safe distance from the hammer.

Cone Penetration Testing can be performed on the 7822DT for soil strength analysis. The augerhead is used for installing helical anchors to secure the mast. Using an optional control system kit, automatic rate control provides cone advancement at the standard 2 cm per second. Up to 15 tons of push is typical for this platform.

All of the machine’s functions are at your fingertips in a well-organized, compact control panel. The systems display provides real-time systems analysis and a suite of built-in diagnostic tools. Also included are system safeguards that protect the main engine and hydraulic components when important operational parameters are compromised.

During setup, the drill mast on the 7822DT telescopes into place, allowing for flexible height options based on work environment. This also adds a layer of safety during setup when working near overhead power lines or other obstacles. When necessary, a 3 ft mast extension can be added to the rig. Integrated drill mast oscillation allows the 7822DT adapt to the work environment. The ability to angle probe makes the 7822DT ideal for sampling next to or near foundations, or inside hard-to-reach places.

Several winch options are available on the 7822DT. A dual winch option is available that is typically configured with a 2,500-lb winch for the more difficult pulling and an 1,100-lb. winch for the faster, deeper wireline work. A single winch system is available as well. Options for this include 2,500-lb, 1,800-lb, and 1,100-lb. winches. The 1,800-lb and 1,100-lb winches are configured with a quick-change hook and overshot clevis to easily switch between pulling and coring.

A breakout is available on the 7822DT for tripping out rods and breaking joints. It has an opening of 7 in. to firmly grip casing with a clamp force of up to 21,000 pounds of force. The breakout can be positioned either under the hammer or the rotary drive, as well as swung away from the machine.

A number of features are built into the 7822DT to reduce engine load and fuel consumption. Load sense hydraulics supply only the system pressure required to perform requested tasks. Under light or no load conditions, system pressure is lowered, significantly reducing heating of the hydraulic fluid and burning less fuel. This feature is especially helpful when tracking the machine long distances, operating in elevated ambient temperatures, and performing high duty cycle operations such as coring or augering.

Additionally, an auto throttle function can be enabled on the control panel of the 7822DT. When enabled, the engine speed is controlled automatically. This allows the machine to go into full throttle when working and back to idle when not working. In addition to fuel savings, this creates a quieter work site.

A number of additional features and options are available to tailor the rig to fit your specific needs. Some of these include: - Tethered and wireless control - Rear blade for stabilization and tooling transport - Frame rail design for adding machine accessories and racks - Hydraulic liner extruder - E-stops for safety - Water and mud pump options - Rotational safety cage - Portable hydraulic rod clamp - Shelby tube cradle - Hands free weight on bit control And many more

The Geoprobe® 7822DT is built to be a dependable, flexible, and high performance rig focused on environmental, geotechnical, and exploration work. Its features and options make it adaptable for changing working roles and applications, ultimately saving you money and expanding your potential customer base. It provides capabilities unparalleled in a single, compact drilling platform. And with the Geoprobe® customer service team, you can always count on fast and knowledgeable support when you need it.

For more information on the 7822DT, visit our website at or call us at 785-825-1842.