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Wireless Remote Overview (Cervis)

Video Summary:

The Geoprobe® Model 7822DT comes stock with a wireless remote. This video will demonstrate how to operate it.

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7822DT rotary drilling rigs capability with direct push finesse

7822DT Drill Rig


The following video is to demonstrate how to use the wireless remote system on a 7822DT. From the wireless remote, you may start and shut down the machine, track the machine, run the throttle up and down, or run the rear blade up and down. You may also shut down the machine by using the red emergency stop button.

Remember you must hold down the yellow trigger enable button to track the machine or run the rear blade. To start the machine from the remote, first turn the ignition switch on the control panel to the on position. Then, press the on switch on the remote once and wait for the TX and RX lights to blink. This means the transmitter is talking to the receiver. Then press the enable switch once and the control screen will show a message that says the wireless remote is now enabled. Press and hold the start toggle until the machine starts. This may take several seconds.

You can see I can also shut down the machine by pressing the off toggle. You’ll notice that when you shut down the machine using the wireless remote that the control screen will show a critical error message that shows wireless radio e-stop. No need to worry, this simply means that the transmitter is no longer talking to the receiver. And this may happen either when you turn off the wireless remote, use the emergency stop, or even if the remote runs out of battery. Simply cycle the power on the control panel and the error should go away.

When operating the machine, remember to stay out of the danger zone, which is three feet laterally and six feet fore and aft.

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