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Macro-Core® MC7 Soil Sampling System

The MC7 is a continuous soil sampler that compliments the industry standard MC5 system with very similar means of operation. The MC7 offers a larger diameter soil core (3 in. or approximately 70 mm. ) than the MC5 system. This is very advantageous when sampling in formations such as coarse sands or gravels that may be too large for the MC5 system.

MC7 Soil Sampling System

The MC7 system can be used with standard Geoprobe® 2.25 in. probe rods and 1.25 in. probe rods (for closed piston use), and is suitable for use under all Geoprobe® direct push machines.

In addition to offering a larger diameter soil core, the MC7 also features an optional piston point that allows the sampler to be advanced through slough and other open, bore hole obstructions. The MC7 also features many other components that have made the MC5 sampler an industry staple, including a clear PVC liner, a patented liner cutter for safe cutting of the liner, and a core catcher just to name a few.

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Key Features

    • Large diameter soil core (3 in. or approximately 70 mm. )
    • Robust Thread Design
    • Continuous & Discrete Soil Sampling
    • Quick Operation (no stop-pins required)

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