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Convenient, Consistent Poly-filters

Poly filter

Poly filter

Founded more than 40-years-ago as a geotechnical drilling company, Amdrill in Brooksville, Florida, has noticed opportunities for Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) have picked up in the past year. They have also noticed that in certain types of denser, consolidated soils the pressure readings with the brass ring filters weren’t quite as defined as they would have liked. Then they tried the NEW Geoprobe® poly filters.

“I had been getting a bit of a ‘lazy’ line in denser materials. These provide a better reading,” Todd Ives, operator, said. “If I know I want to do a dissipation test, I will definitely use the poly filter because I think I get a bit better pore pressure reading.”

Coming in pre-soaked packs of 10, the new poly filters also provide the convenience of ‘one-and-done’ versus the extra effort of determining whether the brass filter has exceeded its viability.

“With brass you have to gauge when it’s worn out, which is sometimes a fine line between ok and done,” Ives said. “This takes the guess work out.”

The increasingly busy schedule sometimes requires more than a dozen pushes, which historically would have necessitated Ives having multiple brass ring filters prepped in the vacuum-sealed container. With the poly filter, he simply retrieves them as needed.

“Once I get done using the brass filters I have, I will definitely be going over to all poly, all the time,” Ives said. 

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