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7822DT Features - Control System

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7822DT rotary drilling rigs capability with direct push finesse

7822DT Drill Rig


All of the 7822DT’s functions are at your fingertips in a well-organized, compact control panel. The systems display provides real-time systems analysis and a suite of built-in diagnostic tools. Also included are system safeguards that protect the main engine and hydraulic components when important operational parameters are compromised.

A number of features are built into the 7822DT to reduce engine load and fuel consumption. Load sense hydraulics supply only the system pressure required to perform requested tasks. Under light or no load conditions, system pressure is lowered, significantly reducing heating of the hydraulic fluid and burning less fuel. This feature is especially helpful when tracking the machine long distances, operating in elevated ambient temperatures, and performing high duty cycle operations such as coring or augering.

Additionally, an auto throttle function can be enabled on the control panel of the 7822DT. When enabled, the engine speed is controlled automatically. This allows the machine to go into full throttle when working and back to idle when not working. In addition to fuel savings, this creates a quieter work site.

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