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Learn about Geoprobe Systems® Indexing Rack for 10-foot Sonic Tooling in this video. The Geoprobe® indexing rack is safe, easy to use, and cost effective.

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8150LS sonic drilling rig

8150LS Sonic Drill Rig


Tool handling is becoming a necessity rather than an option on many drill sites. The Geoprobe® indexing rack is a safe, easy to use, cost effective, and efficient approach to assist drill crews with tripping of sonic rods in and out of the borehole.

It is designed to assist helpers when positioning 10 foot sonic tooling into the clamps of a rig-based rod handler, by greatly reducing the physical effort that is required. A single helper can comfortably keep up with drilling operations when using the rack. Its unique design makes it adaptable to most uneven site conditions. The fork pockets allow easy transport of the loaded rack from the shop to the truck, and from the truck to the sampling location. Once loaded, the rods don’t need to leave the rack until they are advanced into the ground.

With a few basic movements, each rod is rolled onto the 12-inch rubber rollers of the indexing rack. From there, they are loaded into the rig’s rod handler, allowing the machine functions to take over.

The rack doesn’t rely on expensive hydraulic or electrical devices to move rods. There are also no hoses or cords laying around the rig to create fall hazards.

Two mechanical jacks are utilized on the rack in order to adjust the height and angle to the rod handler. Rods roll onto the rollers with minimal effort and the remaining rods stay in place based on the angle that is set with the jacks.

Each row of rods has a casing divider below to allow for easy movement onto the rollers. As each row of rods is emptied, the casing divider slides out of the way in order to access the next set of rods.

The two 12-inch rubber rollers do all the heavy lifting during trip-in and trip-out operations. The rollers feature a unique latch arrangement so they can be easily positioned up and down for each row of tooling being used.

Tooling can also be moved from other racks onto the indexing rack by adjusting the roller positions. In this case, the indexing rack is holding four inch casing and the rollers are used to easily move six inch casing into the rod handler for 4x6 sonic sampling.

Applications where the entire drill string is tripped in and out of the casing on each interval becomes very efficient. Examples of this are dual tube applications where long strings of center rods are tripped in and out of the borehole. The rack is adaptable to run 3.5-in. to 10-in. sonic casing in 10-ft. lengths.

When tripping rods out of the borehole, the rig-based rod handler lowers the casing to a position where it can be safely put back into the indexing rack until it’s needed for the next interval.

The indexing rack’s design reduces the physical motions and dangerous touch points required to navigate tooling in and out of the borehole. Our research and development team designed it work in tandem with your sonic rig, making it a must have for most operations. As the indexing rack does most of the labor intensive work, a two man drill crew can work safely and efficiently to have a high production day.

The Geoprobe® indexing rack is a safe, easy to use, cost effective, and efficient approach to assist drill crews with tripping of sonic rods in and out of the borehole.

For more information on the indexing rack, visit our website or call us at 785-825-1842.