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Valued Asset Renewed When Factory Refurbished

Factory refurbished 6620DT

Factory refurbished 6620DT

With six offices across four states — Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, and Connecticut, CHASE ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP INC provides primarily environmental field services and remediation. They increasingly subcontract drilling services for other companies out of their Kevil and Louisville, Kentucky, and Springfield, Illinois, offices.

“We started as Chase Environmental Group in 1993 primarily as a consulting firm but have evolved, with the market, into being more focused on field services,” Todd Mills, operations manager, said. “We also handle a lot of transportation and disposal of radioactive materials.”

While they appreciate the power of their three 7822DTs, they depend on a simple, durable 6620DT for a number of jobs.

“The 6620DT has a smaller footprint, is more agile, and its simple operation makes it ideal for those 30-foot direct push jobs,” Mills said. “The 6620DT is absolutely the best thing ever made for that. In our minds it can’t be replaced by anything currently sold.”

Even though the 6620DT isn’t as powerful or able to run augers as well, they put it in a lot of places their 7822DTs can’t go due to the smaller footprint and lighter weight. So, rather than put money toward a new 7822DT, they chose to have their 6620DT Factory Refurbished.

“In our minds, the flexibility the 6620DT offers makes it worth the expense and effort to have it refurbished,” Mills said. “We can get into tighter areas and have the same probing power as a 7822DT, which makes the 6620DT a valuable asset.”

Their dependence upon the 6620DT meant the rig was functionally and visually showing its age.

“It didn’t have any major issues but was developing lots of little issues – wires pinched or broken and worn hydraulic hoses – and we were bypassing things to overcome issues. All the little stuff was adding up to make it less than reliable,” Mills said. “It just looked worn out, and we try to maintain a certain level of corporate image.”

Everyone in the company has been pleased with the Factory Refurbished process.

“The communication was great. Whether it was unanticipated items discovered during the process or things that were anticipated that didn’t need to be addressed, the information kept flowing,” Mills said. “When we sent it to the Factory Service Center, it had been well loved. Now the rig looks fantastic, and the performance has been everything we expected it to be. Looks almost like its brand new. We’re hoping to get another almost 20 years out of it.”

Mills always had confidence he could depend on Geoprobe® to provide top support and service. “Geoprobe® is always spectacular to deal with,” Mills said.

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Geoprobe® Factory Refurbishment Process

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Factory refurbished 6620DT
6620DT Before Refurb

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