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Expert Service Technicians Provide Drill Rig Repair Peace of Mind

Geoprobe® rigs used for environmental and geotechnical drilling run smoothly with drill rig repair provided by Southeast Service Center in Florida.

Geoprobe® rigs used for environmental and geotechnical drilling run smoothly with drill rig repair provided by Southeast Service Center in Florida.

Providing Florida with geotechnical and environmental drilling, materials testing, remediation system installation and maintenance, and ground penetrating radar services, the 44-year-old IMPERIAL TESTING & ENGINEERING relies on the Southeast Service Center (SESC) in Ocala, Florida, for everything from hammer exchanges to regular servicing.

“It’s nice to take our rigs to a Geoprobe® shop versus someone not as familiar with the rigs,” Randy Duncan, consultant, said. “With it being so close, it’s easy to get in and out and have no worries about whether the service technician knows what he’s doing.”

So, when they need a drill rig repair, they give Todd Ewing, rig specialist, a call. They even had a drill rig repair and service completed on a used 5400 they purchased, removed from truck, and placed on a skid platform. He appreciates the responsive, helpful SESC crew, even when calling for the fourth or fifth time with an issue.

“They’re always willing to help us out. It’s rare to wait on a call back,” Duncan said. “Someone usually answers the phone, and we can talk directly to the service technician right away.”

Traversing the state to tackle their work, the SESC being just a phone call or a few hours away provides Duncan peace of mind. He also acknowledges the SESC team attacks challenges completely understanding the critical role the rig plays to company success.

“When we do have a rig in for a repair, they understand we’re not just paying money to have it repaired but also losing money by the rig not being out in the field,” Duncan said. “They respect the fact that we need to get equipment back out to make money, and they do a good job of keeping things out in the field working.”

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