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Customer Affirms Self Service Customer Portal Centerpoint Connected

Self service customer portal - Centerpoint Connected - provides facts fast.

Self service customer portal - Centerpoint Connected - provides facts fast.

Amdrill Inc in Florida typically conducts subcontract environmental and geotechnical drilling for engineering firms. When Todd Ives, operator, initially heard about the Geoprobe® self service customer portal — Centerpoint Connected — he immediately thought it sounded like a useful tool.

“It’s simple to sign up, much like logging in or creating an account anywhere else,” Ives said. “You can see all of the rigs, all the support questions asked over the years, see all the mechanical stuff completed, and see parts ordered.”

Having purchased a Geoprobe® rig from a client, they used its history contained in Centerpoint Connected to assess its service needs.

“We tracked down what was done in the past, what issues it had, and what parts had been ordered for it,” Ives said.

Ives finds value in accessing all the information via the self service customer portal.

“I primarily use it for viewing tracking information to find out when orders will arrive. This is especially helpful after hours or early in the morning before the Kansas offices open,” Ives said. “My mind was blown by all the information available. Someone spent a lot of time to put it together. It’s easy to access any information on what’s been done to machines, billing, and shipping details.”

Sign Up for Self Service Customer Portal: Centerpoint Connected

  • find facts quickly and easily:
  1. machine records
  2. service notes
  3. tooling/service orders
  • store your own machine service records
  • be the first to know when new Centerpoint Connected features are released

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