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Canadian Customer Realizes Benefits of International Service

Working directly with Geoprobe® for international service support reduced downtime by 50 percent.

Working directly with Geoprobe® for international service support reduced downtime by 50 percent.

With a fleet primarily comprised of Geoprobe® rigs, Ernco Environmental Drilling and Coring Inc. in Canada completes primarily environmental drilling. When they started eight years ago, they solely focused on Phase II. However, economics during the past three to four years led them to enter other phases.

“Starting in 2014 the economy took a significant downturn. We used this as an opportunity to focus on diversifying our services into the Phase I, Phase III, and Phase IV market to better support our consulting clients,” Josh Ernst, owner, said.

Initially they completed direct push and auger sampling with a 6620DT. Since then they have grown one to two drills per year. In their drilling fleet they currently operate one 540MT, one 6620DT, one 7730DT, two 7822DTs, five 8040DTs, two 8140LS sonics, and several other drills on sites from indoor, to heliport, to sonic, to deep air for 200- to 300-foot wells.

Ernco has appreciated the exceptional international service and sales support provided working with Geoprobe®.

“They provide drawings, getting us parts we need quickly,” Jeremy Ernst, owner, said. “I can call Roman and get the parts shipped out that same day.”

Josh agrees, “Before we figured out 90 percent of the problems we had — whether mechanical, electrical or ordering parts — on our own. Now we call anyone from Geoprobe® and get the schematic of the electrical or hydraulic that we need.”

The support provided by Geoprobe® ranges from shipping tooling or ordering a new remote to ongoing repair support while out on a three-week, continuous job.

“They help with figuring out how to adjust hydraulics to correct pressure,” Jeremy said. “There’s also a lot of potential to go wrong with electronics and they help track it down while in the field. They’re really good about walking a driller in the field through troubleshooting.”

He especially appreciates the extensive support provided by Roman Burrows, international service technician, and Bryan Lorenson, service technician, when they had a 7822DT failure in the field.

“They walked us through getting it mobile to at least get back to the shop to repair,” Jeremy said. “They worked with me until we could get it rectified.”

Ernco has realized decreased downtime since utilizing Geoprobe® international service and sales support .

“The speed and quality of service means we’re able to get rigs up and running in 50 percent of the time it took in the past,” Josh said. “The efficiency of the repair and getting back up and in the field is a big benefit.”

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