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Join Our Team - About Geoprobe® / DRILLMAX®

Why are you proud to work for Geoprobe®?

From Humble Roots

Homegrown, Locally-owned Company Leading the Drilling Industry Worldwide

Initially generating a name for itself by redefining the way environmental sites are investigated, Geoprobe® continues to advance the drilling industry worldwide by designing and manufacturing drilling rigs and tooling to make tough technical drilling jobs faster, easier and most importantly safer. Our rigs, tools, and techniques are used around the globe to:

Investigate environmental sites with minimal soil disruption, identifying contamination pathways for remediation efforts
• Sample soil geologies to assess potential for safe building and roadway construction
• Evaluate soil composition for extraction of high-grade minerals for manufacturing

In 2017, we acquired the DRILLMAX® line of rotary drill rigs, building on their 40-year reputation in the water well business and enhancing manufacturing processes to ensure durability and easy maintenance. These rigs are used around the country to:

• Restore or construct residential or agricultural water sources
• Retrofit or build energy efficient geothermal loops for residential or commercial use
• Dewater sites for efficient extraction of construction materials such as clay
• Install cathodic protection systems to minimize corrosion around infrastructure

We Build Cool Things

We Build Cool Things

Production Team Distinguishes Geoprobe®/DRILLMAX® Products

From metal to machine our team builds cool things. Our industry-leading manufacturing facility in Salina, Kansas, is organized into teams with the production system leveraging each individual's skills and specialized manufacturing tools. Our goal at Geoprobe® is to produce the best possible soil probing and drilling equipment. To achieve our goal we assemble a talented team and equip them with state-of-the-art manufacturing tools and processes to achieve low-volume, high-quality manufacturing. This creates variety and challenge for our fabrication, assembly and machine shop crews who work in a flexible environment where they are trusted to complete tooling and drilling rigs on-time and built consistently. Team members take pride in seeing their hard work roll off the production floor as well as working alongside engineers to build prototypes from the ground up. 

Engineering Team Elevates Drilling Industry

With our roots in research and development — founded by two engineers — our engineering team continually innovates and tests new features to make our rigs efficient and safe and new tooling to simplify sampling. Our engineers bring individual specialties to their work together as a team collaborating on chassis integration, rig controls, drill heads, drill mast, electrical, accessory integration, and tooling design. From testing components to putting their own drilling experience to work while field testing our drill rigs and tooling, our talented team isn't satisfied sitting behind a desk discussing design. They get dirty ensuring their designs truly make drilling jobs faster, easier, and safer. 

Since our start in 1988 building a machine for the Environmental Protection Agency, we have listened to our customers for inspiration into ongoing investment in innovation, refining the efficiency of a range of drill rigs, including limited access through sonic rotary rigs. We remain in constant contact with drillers in the field, gleaning feedback on the challenges they’re facing and reviewing solutions to help them do their work faster, easier, and safer. 

Innovation Never Stops

An atmosphere of innovation and this driller feedback fuels our ability to lead the industry, designing and manufacturing the best possible soil probing and drilling equipment. Through the years industry-first innovations have become industry standards, resulted in patented products, and propelled the company name worldwide. 

All guided by nine company objectives, our team of engineers, fabricators, machinists, painters, builders, service technicians, supply chain experts, distribution specialists, and customer service personnel are why customers have come to rely on us for a better, trusted product supported by top-notch service. They realize for Team Geoprobe®/DRILLMAX® – innovation never stops.


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If you are interested in any of the job openings listed below, apply online or fill out an application at 1835 Wall St., Salina, KS 67401.
Address: Geoprobe Systems®, 1835 Wall Street, Salina, KS  67401.

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Contact Us

1835 Wall Street
Salina, Kansas 67401
Phone: (785) 825-1842

Testimonies - Assembly Team

Testimonies - Fabrication Team

Company Objectives

  • To produce the best possible soil probing and drilling equipment.
  • To create a work environment which allows our employees to grow in knowledge, capability, and market value.
  • To provide top service, both for sales and for repair.
  • To be an asset to our clients.
  • To be honest in all of our business.
  • To be a horizontal organization.
  • To be an organization our employees are proud to work for.
  • To glorify God in all we do. Restated: To be pleasing to God in all our actions. This is his business.
  • To have an atmosphere of innovation.