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Engineering Team

Geoprobe® Engineers Elevate Drilling Industry

With roots in research and development — founded by two engineers — the Geoprobe® engineering team continually innovates and tests new features to make our drill rigs efficient and safe and new tooling to simplify sampling. You’ll bring your individual specialties to work together as a team, collaborating on chassis integration, rig controls, drill heads, drill mast, electrical, accessory integration, and tooling design. 

Whether its testing components or field testing our drill rigs and tooling, You won’t be satisfied sitting behind a desk discussing design. You’ll get dirty ensuring your design truly makes drilling jobs faster, easier, and safer. 

Since our start in 1988 building a machine and tooling system for the Environmental Protection Agency, Team Geoprobe® has listened to our customers for inspiration into ongoing investment in innovation, refining the efficiency of an array of drill rigs and tooling, including limited access direct push through sonic rotary. You’ll remain in constant contact with drillers in the field, gleaning feedback on the challenges they’re facing and reviewing solutions to help them succeed. 

Innovation Never Stops

An atmosphere of innovation and this driller feedback fuels our ability to lead the industry, designing and manufacturing the best possible soil probing and drilling equipment. Through the years industry-first innovations have become industry standards, resulted in patented products, and propelled the company name worldwide. 

All guided by nine company objectives, you’ll work alongside fabrication, assembly, machine shop, and service personnel to design, build, test, and repair machines and tools trusted by customers for their reliability, durability, and serviceability. You will continually seek the next problem to solve for our customers, realizing at Geoprobe® innovation never stops.

Why Engineers Choose Geoprobe®

When asked "why do you love Geoprobe®?", engineers share the following reasons: But don't just take our word for it. Watch some of the videos on these pages to hear directly from engineering team members, and then complete your application.

  • Variety, Challenge created by a mix of hands-on work and desk time
  • Growth, Problem Solving in an atmosphere of innovation
  • Flexibility, Freedom from accessible leaders who respect and trust employees
  • People, Benefits in a culture where employees are valued for their contributions
  • Locally-owned, Family-oriented homegrown company with global influence



Who is Geoprobe®

Contact Us

1835 Wall Street
Salina, Kansas 67401
(785) 825-1842

Company Objectives

  • To produce the best possible soil probing and drilling equipment.
  • To create a work environment which allows our employees to grow in knowledge, capability, and market value.
  • To provide top service, both for sales and for repair.
  • To be an asset to our clients.
  • To be honest in all of our business.
  • To be a horizontal organization.
  • To be an organization our employees are proud to work for.
  • To glorify God in all we do. Restated: To be pleasing to God in all our actions. This is his business.
  • To have an atmosphere of innovation.