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Geoprobe® 3230DT Overview

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3230DT drill rig combines rotary and direct push functions

3230DT Drill Rig


In the field, speed and accuracy are important to your success. With the introduction of our versatile 3230DT combination rig, we’ve engineered and built another tool to help you be successful.

The 3230DT is a multi-functional rig that combines advanced direct push functionality with traditional geotechnical auger rig and high-speed rotary drilling capabilities.

Each function opens up additional services you can offer your customers. Quickly move between key tasks on any job without having to switch machines.

The GH70 percussion hammer gives you the power to drive six-inch casing. You can quickly collect 4-inch continuous cores or install a two-inch monitoring well.

In under five minutes, the 3230DT can transition from direct push to wet rotary drilling.

When introducing drilling fluid to the formation is not an option, the 3230DT can run air rotary tooling to keep you in the field and on the job.

The rotary component of the patented Geoprobe® CB6 Combo Head provides power to turn 8.25-inch hollow stem augers, giving you the ability to install up to six inch wells.

The optional auto drop hammer is built onto the combo head and swings into place hydraulically for easy control. Rock core drilling requires high-speed rotation and precise bit control. Both are provided by the 4-speed rotary drive and automated head feed controls of the 3230DT.

Features and options for this machine include..., a moveable and adjustable control panel, 80K pullback capacity and open casing pulling for working ID of rods., head centerline side shift, front outriggers for added stabilization (optional - show word on video), rear blade stabilizer, wireless remote drive, rotation guard (optional - show word on video), dual winches and telescoping mast (optional - show word on video), 7-inch single clamp breakout (optional - show word on video), 9-inch pullback breakout (optional - show word on video), 3L8 or 3L6 Moyno pump (optional - show word on video as well as different pump names), SPX 40 hose pump, and this machine is rock coring compatible.

Our goal is to produce the best possible subsurface probing and drilling equipment and tools in the world, while providing unmatched support and training to our customers.

The Geoprobe 3230DT continues to push innovation forward.

Visit our website for more information or call us at 785-825-1842 to schedule a demonstration today.