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Geoprobe® 8150LS - Sonic Rod Handling System

Video Summary:

The rod handling system on the Geoprobe® 8150LS is designed to reduce operator contact with the tooling, make for a safer and efficient work environment.

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8150LS sonic drilling rig

8150LS Sonic Drill Rig


The optional rod handling system increases safety and productivity, while decreasing operator fatigue. This powerful system can safely handle large diameter, 5- and 10-ft rods and casings, minimizing heavy lifting and manual effort. Adjustable angles permit precise head alignment.

When utilizing the rod handler in conjunction with the indexing rack, a two man drill crew can effectively operate the machine.

It can also run at angles up to 45 degrees off of vertical.

This powerful rig was designed to be highly productive in the field by completing multiple applications in a single boring.

The 8150LS is a powerful, safe, efficient, and accurate full size rotary sonic rig. This rig is designed with your success in mind.

For more information on the 8150LS rotary sonic rig, visit our website or call us at 785-825-1842.