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78 Series Winch Options


Overhead hydraulic winches are an essential part of many drilling operations. Several hydraulic winch options are available for the Geoprobe® 78 series machines to build a rig to meet your specific needs.

The winch option that provides maximum versatility is the dual winch system. This is typically configured with a twenty-five hundred pound winch for the more difficult pulling and an eleven-hundred pound winch for the faster, deeper wireline work.

The twenty-five hundred pound winch operates at up to 125 feet per minute and includes 75 feet of wire rope. The eleven-hundred pound winch operates at 220 feet per minute and includes 250 feet of wire rope.

The eleven-hundred pound winch come equipped with a quick-change hook and overshot clevis - a feature exclusive to Geoprobe Systems®.

When ready to switch from pulling to coring, simply swap out the swivel hook for the overshot clevis installed on your overshot, and continue working. It’s quick, simple, and can all be done by hand.

A single winch system is also available for 78 series machines, when a dual winch may not be necessary. Several winch options exist for this system, but the twenty-five hundred pound winch is by far the most popular choice.

When machine transport height is a limiting factor, a single winch system with a rotating mast top is available. This configuration reduces transport height by 14 inches and is helpful when loading the rig into an enclosed trailer or shipping container.

Our hydraulic winch options can tailor any 78 Series machine to meet your specific needs.

For more information on the winch options, visit our website or call us at 785-825-1842.