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3230DT: Triple Winch Options

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3230DT drill rig combines rotary and direct push functions

3230DT Drill Rig


Overhead hydraulic winches are an essential part of many drilling operations. Geoprobe® offers several hydraulic winch options for the 3230DT and 3200 rigs. These options can be used to tailor a rig to meet your specific needs.

32 Series rigs can be equipped with up to three hydraulic winches on the mast. Typically, one winch is selected for greater pulling force while the other winches are selected for faster line speed or longer wire rope length.

While many combinations are available, a typical dual winch combination is a five-thousand pound winch for heavy pulling and an eleven-hundred pound winch for the faster and deeper wireline work. When a third winch is added, it can either be an eleven-hundred or eighteen-hundred pound winch.

Options for the winch selected primarily for pulling force include a five-thousand pound winch or an eighty-five hundred pound winch. The eight-five hundred pound winch can be used to maximize pulling capacity.

Options for the winch selected primarily for line speed or wire rope length include an eighteen-hundred pound winch or an eleven-hundred pound winch.

The eighteen-hundred pound winch operates at up to 110 feet per minute and includes 175 feet of wire rope. The eleven-hundred pound winch is capable of up to 230 feet per minute and includes 250 feet of wire rope.

Both the eleven-hundred pound and eighteen-hundred pound winches come equipped with a quick-change hook and overshot clevis - a feature exclusive to Geoprobe Systems®.

When ready to switch from pulling to coring, simply swap out the swivel hook for the overshot clevis installed on your overshot, and continue working. It’s quick, simple, and can all be done by hand.

Our hydraulic winch options can tailor any 32 Series rig to meet your specific needs.

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